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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Make a Kusudama Flower

Are You Wondering How To Make This Flower Posted Behind This Title?
Including the full model that 12 flowers can make below?

Well here's how:
30 pieces of square sticky notes or square-shaped pieces
glue (preferably hot glue b/c it dries faster)

1. Take your sheet of paper and fold it diagnally to make a triangle

2. Then take the left and right points and fold them upward to the top point of the triangle

3. Then unfold them and squash them down to look like this:

4. After you have this done you are going to take the two pointed tips and fold them behind in this space:

5. Then it would look like this:

6. After you have completed this fold both upside down triangular sides in half.

7. Pull the two sides together to make a petal.
8. Here is the petal:

9.   Make a total of 5 petals and glue them together. Here is the flower:

10. To make a bigger sculpture make a total of 12 flower and glue them together:

Here are pictures of other kusudamas:

1 comment:

  1. Dear Delightful creator,

    Hi my Nisha. It's your Auntie Ve'Linda! I really admire these particular kusudamas. If you don't mind, can you make me a set of three for my room?

    Thank you,
    Your Aunt Ve'Linda