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Monday, November 29, 2010

OpTiCaL iLlUsSiOnS

CaN YoU fIgUrE oUt ThEsE oPtIcAl IlLuSiOnS?

How many legs does this elephant have?                            
HoW mAnY lEgS dOes ThIs eLePhAnT hAVE?    

Can you see the three faces?
                                                       HoW mAnY fAcEs Do YoU sEe?
                                                              AnD WhO dO YoU sEe?

Do you see the face? Or an Eskimo?
WhIcH oNe Do YoU sEe FiRsT tHe EsKiMo Or ThE fAcE?

Do you see a musician or a girl's face?
WhAt Do YoU sEe A mUsCiAn Or A gIrL?

Can you find the other 4 wolves in the rocky cliffs?
HoW mAnY wOlVeS aRe In ThIs PiCtuRe?
(HiNt: Look in the mountains)

Answers: 1.  4  2. 3  3. optional  4.optional(both in picture)  5. 4

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  1. Wow Nisha girl God has really blessed you; these are really pretty, elegant, and truly artistic! To God be the Glory! continue....THIS IS REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!(I'm showing Mommy)!!!!!!!!!!!I likes the profile G!

    LUV YA,