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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Abc's Of Talent ( Yeah, it's me!)

A- Artistic ( c'mon even you knew that was coming...)
B- Beautiful
C- Crochet
E- Emotional
F- Family oriented
G- Gifted
I- I don't know what to write here
J- Jamba Juice
K- My favorite letter
M-Mystery novel reader
N-Not a fan of sewing
O- Oranges, my favorite fruit
P-plants, my passion
Q- Quails are so pretty
R-Rain is my sleeping weather
S- stitching my life away
T- Treble is full of trouble
U- U are beautiful no matter what they say
V- V stitches are hard
W- Wendy's
Y- Y don't I ever master roller blading?

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