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Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to make a Paper Spider Hat

Black, Orange and Purple Construction Paper
Blue liquid paint
Stapler or glue

1. Cut out a long strip of black construction paper and staple or glue the ends after forming it into a circle creating a open headdress.

2. Take one sheet of black construction paper and draw out eight lines after doing so cut along those lines to make the spider's legs.

3. Take each one of the black strips and fold them in half, then fold the tips on the strips up for the feet and paint them blue or any color of your choice.

4.Staple or glue the black strips onto the inside of the headdress.

5. Draw and cut out small black circles for the pupils and orange circles for the eyes and glue them together, then glue the eye on the front of the headdress. 

Draw and cut out a bow to add a girly touch and your ready to play ZOO!

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